Trails of Pokuttia “PINSEL.Return”

The project “Pinsel. Return ”aims to develop the region’s cultural tourism, as well as create a guide to the Pokuttya trails with at least nine locations.

Each location ia a unique historical memorial which has no equivalents in Ukraine!

The Church of Mary`s immaculate conception

1743 — 1769

The church construction was ordered by Mykola Pototskyi based on the project of an architect Bernard Meretyn in collaboration with the sculptor Johann Pinsel, who created about 30 sculptures to decorate the church.

It is a sibling church of Lviv St. George’s Cathedral, a few stone buildings at Lviv Market Square, the Assumption Cathedral, The Protection Church and Buchach Town Hall.

The Armenian Church

1686 1706

The oldest building in Horodenka preserved till these days.

We can conclude, by analyzing the shape and details of Armenian-Catholic church in Horodenka, that it was built in two stages and is composed of two parts.

The oldest part is behind the cross. It has thick walls and was constructed in 1706.

The Church of Saint Archangel Michael


According to the first written records the construction of the church started in 1439 together with Rome-Catholic parish establishment. The construction lasted for more than 50 years!

The first version of the temple had clay and hay walls and there were five altars inside. The temple was sanctified in 1775.

Great Synagogue

The modern Big Synagogue appeared between the 19th and 20th centuries after a few rebuildings on the place of the previous synagogue. Russian troops burnt the synagogue during World War I in 1915. Only the walls survived. One of it had a slab with Ten Commandments engraved in it.

Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The construction of the church is attributed to the "duo" Meretyn & Pinzel. This is one of the last buildings created by both masters. Probably, the interior of the church was already decorated by students of Pinzel. Instead of crosses, the coat of arms of the Potocki family can be seen on the church - the "Pylyava" surname crosses, since the Potocki family owned the city at that time.

Corinthian column with Mary`s monument

There are two theories of the origin of this sculpture. Part of the researchers say it is the only sculpture preserved out of 33 Johann Pinsel`s sculptures. He created them for the Church of Mary`s immaculate conception. Furthermore, it is said that it is the only fully surviving monument out of three known ones created by the master.


1743 — 1769

The construction lasted since 1745 till 1760

Monastery cells worked in it`s authentic purpose for only 20 years. In Soviet times there was a vocational school for mechanics. At various times military garrisons and border guards stayed there. Long time before that the residence served as a town magistrate.

Three-arched bridge-viaduct “The three bridges”

This masonry three-arched bridge over the stream Yamhoriv unites Horodenka town and the village of Kotykivka. People are still gossiping about the original intended use of the construction. Some people say it was built to transport stones for the church construction easily, some stick to a more practical theory – it was built at the place of fords for convenient and safe river crossing.

Nowadays it is the oldest working bridge in Halychyna and the second oldest in Ukraine.

“The three bridges” is one of Horodenka`s symbols; the picture of it decorates the emblem of the local team “Probii” which was founded in 1924.

Saint Mykola Chernetskyi Church

The temple is named after saint Mykola Chernetskyi who was a native of the village of Semakivtsi. In 2014 after sanctification of the church part of his relics were transported here for the permanence. The church is very popular among pilgrims from all around the world.

The church is very popular among pilgrims from all around the world. A chapel for open-air services, an Empty Tomb where Jesus Christ`s burying place will be recreated and a chapel for worships will appear on the area of the temple since construction works are still being done there.