Dnister canyon


Івано–Франківська та Тернопільська області

The Dniester Canyon is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine, the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest canyons in Europe. The Dniester canyon is the main attraction of Horodenkivshchyna.

It is a unique and most picturesque corner of wildlife in Ukraine and is not inferior in beauty even to the Carpathians and the Crimean mountains. Formed by the Dniester River by leaching rocks from the Podolsk Upland. On a 250-kilometer section between the mouths of the Golden Linden and Zbruch flows through a distinct canyon-like valley with a depth of 80-200 m, forming picturesque curves of the river - meanders. The canyon has a complex geological structure with numerous outcrops of ancient rocks. Here are preserved unique outcrops of rocks, rocks, grottoes, caves, some minerals, original forms of weathering and areas with a unique geological structure.

The walls of the canyon are steep, sloping in places, covered with grass and shrubs. Significant fluctuations in the relief on short sections give the terrain a mountainous character.

There is also a powerful complex of sedimentary strata from the youngest - anthropogenic and to the oldest - Silurian sediments of the Paleozoic era. It is a unique geological encyclopedia that clearly captures the evolution of the earth's crust and life that existed in marine and continental environments more than 400 million years ago. The exposure of the Silurian and Devonian deposits deserves special attention. These and other exposures are of great scientific and cognitive value, and some are of global importance. Rock outcrops on the Dniester, the so-called walls - natural monuments, similar to which there are almost none in the world.