Костел святого Архангела Михаїла


1721 – 1775

Architectural style



вул. Михайла Грушевського, 1, с. Михальче, Івано–Франківська обл.

Interesting details

Years of construction
1721 – 1750

Mikhalche was the first in the Horodenkiv region to receive the status of a city. In 1493, the first Roman Catholic parish in the region was founded here and a church was built at the same time.

According to the foundation act, the church was founded at the expense of Muzhyl from Buchach, the mayor of Sniatyn and Kolomyia. The act was signed by the founder in Cyrillic, which certifies his Ukrainian origin.

The first pastor of the church was Peter of Skavina, the secretary of Muzhyla. During the devastating raids of the Tatars in 1621 and 1623, the town was destroyed, the parish did not hold out. Only in 1715 the owner Mykhalche Lviv Archbishop Jan Skarbek restore the parish. This year the construction of a new church of St. Michael in the Baroque style with a bell tower began. The church was consecrated in 1775. The niche on the bell tower of the church contains a sculpture of the Czech Saint Jan Nepomuk, although some believe that it is a sculpture of St. Valentine.